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28 SEP

Updates for all plugins!

All plugins get updates - lots of lovely new features in Limitless and Essence, and bug fixes all around for stability and compatibility.



  • Fix pop when adjusting clipper drive.
  • Prevent pops on enabling/disabling clipper.
  • Add two new clipping shapes.
  • Ceiling/Threshold text-entry - assume minus sign prefix.
  • Clip/Dither can be enabled/disabled by clicking their headers.
  • Threshold Pre-Clipper setting.
  • Allow independent Separation control for Transient limiter.
  • Added defence against non-numeric audio on input.
  • "Lock" button now has right-menu for locking different subsets of controls.
  • Pref to show Clipper GR on main VU GR.
  • "Copy to manual" icon next to character menu.
  • Parameter in Advanced DSP to use ITU filter for ISP processing that never exceeds TP ceiling.


  • Improve UI styling.
  • Remove GR meter glitch on restart.
  • Fix Listen to Split band with Oversampling engaged.
  • Pref to show Listen buttons for Pass/Diff
  • Pref to select Split/Pass/Diff as autolisten signal


  • Fix bug with ZL Analogue Phase mode + independent MS band shifting stereo image.
  • Fix pops when engaging/disengaging autolistening with Parallel mode active.
  • Fix bug with reinstatement of deleted bands when selected and bypassing a band.
  • Fix bug with control-lock for deleted bands


  • Improve UI styling.
  • Fix bug with BitScope channel selection.
  • Fix bug with Tuner and samplerate.
  • Fix bug with incorrect signal shown for Side channels in fullscreen


  • Make zoom-mode follow K-Scale on VU meters.
  • Mousewheel allows fine adjust for Sidechain/EQ graphs


  • Improve UI styling.


  • Fix 32bit Carbon UIs on OSX.

02 JUN

Updates for EQuilibrium, Limitless and Dualism

EQuilibrium v1.54:

  • Fix crash with Cocoa UI closure.
  • Fix crash whilst dragging free-resize UI.
  • Fix UI size in hosts that were showing cut-off sections.
  • Improve Fullscreen on mac.
  • Fix crash with long buffer render DSP settings.

Limitless v1.04:

  • Fix automation issues in ProTools.
  • Fix occasional fade-in at start of render.
  • Fix preset load arrows bug.
  • Fix bug with long lookahead and ISP enabled.

Dualism v1.05:

  • Fix fullscreen and reimplement screen selector.
  • Improve labelling for Loudness Metering.

Lots of fixes and improvements!

  • Rework windows FullScreen
  • Fix invisible GUI bug
  • Fix bug with Preset menu
  • Default OpenGL to Off.
  • Fix "white squares instead of knobs" bug.
  • Improve latency reporting for offline VST3 rendering
  • Improve Surround support in Reaper

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